Baking Supplies That Every Baker Must Have! Best Tools For Baking

Baking Supplies That Every Baker Must Have! Best Tools For Baking

Dec 15, 2023umer jamil

Are you a seasonal baker or a professional one? Nonetheless, there are baking supplies that everyone must stock! In this blog, we will look at the best tools for baking that take the baking experience a notch higher.

  • Kitchen scale
  • The key to baking lies in making the correct measurements. This is where the kitchen scale comes in. It allows you to put in precise measurements. These scales come in various types, including digital and mechanical models. It can be used for multiple ingredients, including flour, sugar, and liquids.

  • Bread slicers
  • The next baking essential is a bread slicer. It is designed to facilitate the uniform and efficient slicing of bread. The wooden bread slicers have a warm and natural aesthetic, adding a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen. These can withstand regular use. You can find these in maple, bamboo and much more. Where to buy baking supplies like these? Abioto is your go-to heaven!

  • Cooling racks
  • Cooling racks are also quite important. A cooling rack is a crucial tool in baking by promoting even cooling for various treats. When cookies are placed directly on the rack, the elevated design allows air to circulate each cookie, preventing them from becoming overly moist on the bottom. The air circulation between the pan and the rack is crucial in achieving the desired consistency and texture throughout your baked goods.

  • Bowl scraper
  • Bowl scrapers are indispensable tools for bakers. Bowl scrapers are particularly effective for combining ingredients during the mixing phase. Their flexible edges conform to the shape of the bowl, allowing you to scrape off any unmixed pockets of ingredients, resulting in a more homogenous batter or dough. By scraping down the sides of the bowl, you can minimise ingredient waste and ensure that all components are utilised in the recipe. 

  • Dough scraper
  • Another much-needed tool is a dough scraper. Its flat edge allows you to lift, fold, and divide dough, making it an essential tool. Some dough scrapers have measurements marked along the blade, allowing for quick measurements of ingredients or the dimensions of rolled-out dough. 

  • Danish whisk 
  • The Danish whisk is very similar to the regular whisk but with added functionality. Danish whisks are designed to minimise the incorporation of air into the dough. The dough mixing is made efficient with a Danish whisk. The open design of the Danish whisk minimises dough sticking to the wires, making it easier to clean and reducing waste.

  • Linen liners
  • Best tools for baking also involve linen liners. Placed inside proofing baskets or bowls, they support the dough during its final rise. The breathability of linen promotes even rising and helps create an optimal environment for dough fermentation. Linen liners are easy to handle, making them convenient for shaping and transferring dough. 

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