The ABIOTO Story

Crafting Tradition into Every Loaf

Our Story: The ABIOTO Legacy

From Kansas Wheat Fields to Your Kitchen


In the vast wheat fields of Kansas, a young boy named Derek discovered his lifelong passion. Amidst the golden grains, he learned the art of bread making from his grandparents, a tradition deeply rooted in family and simplicity. This humble beginning laid the foundation for ABIOTO. Our inception wasn't just about starting a business; it was about reviving a tradition. Disappointed by the lack of quality bread-making products online, Derek envisioned a brand that would stand for more than just tools; a brand that would embody the soul of authentic bread making. Today, ABIOTO stands as a testament to that vision, blending traditional wisdom with innovative craftsmanship.

Our Products: The Essence of ABIOTO

Where Quality Meets Mastery

At ABIOTO, we meticulously craft a focused range of bread-making products: Sourdough Starter Kits, Proofing Basket Kits, Bread Slicers, and Bread Knives. Each product is a result of extensive research, design, and testing, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers. We believe in the philosophy of 'less is more.' By concentrating our efforts on a select few products each year, we ensure each item is a masterpiece of functionality and design. Our approach has led us to dominate our niches, not through aggressive marketing or competitive pricing, but through unparalleled quality, ease of use, and a presentation that speaks volumes of our dedication.

Our Commitment: The ABIOTO Promise

Crafting Excellence, Delivering Trust


Our commitment at ABIOTO goes beyond creating superior bread-making tools. We are dedicated to nurturing a community of bakers, from novices embarking on their first baking journey to seasoned artisans perfecting their craft. Our promise is to provide a customer experience that is as satisfying and enriching as the aroma of freshly baked bread. Each interaction, each product, each piece of advice is imbued with our passion for excellence and an unwavering commitment to quality. We measure our success by the joy our products bring to your kitchens and the smiles they bring to your tables.

Artisans of the Bake: Our Dedicated Team

The Hands Crafting Your Baking Experience

Derek Goods

Founder & CEO
Ammar Jamil

Ammar Jamil

Chief Operations Officer
Umer Jamil

Umer Jamil

Chief Product Officer

Baker's Voices: Our Community Speaks

Hear from the Hearts of Home Bakers
Louise Teixeira dos SantosCustomer - Sourdough Starter Kit

 This starter kit, comes complete with a sleek jar, handy thermometer strips, a convenient feeding tracker, a spatula, and a soft cloth liner, transformed my baking journey into a foolproof experience. From precise temperature control to effortless maintenance, this kit elevates every step of the sourdough process. A must-have for any aspiring bread enthusiast!

Lab LuverCustomer - Proofing Baskets Kit

I like that this kit came with everything you need. I already had a scoring knife but this one worked so much better. The bowl is smaller than expected but worked beautifully. I will be using these for a long time. Very happy with this purchase.

Mark ToneyCustomer - Maple Bamboo Bread Slicer

I make homemade bread constantly and this bread slicer is a game changer. Uniform slices all the way through. Super easy to use and set up. Easy to clean and accurate as can be. Very well made with quality materials.

RubyCustomer - Bread Knife

Love, love, love this knife! It can be used for all sorts of things in the kitchen, not just bread. However, I make a lot of homemade bread and I am thrilled of how nicely it slices it up. Great looking knife with an elegant look to it.

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