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$44.99 $54.98

Premium Bread Slicing Set: Knife & Slicer Duo

Introducing our expertly crafted Bread Slicing Set, a perfect combination of functionality and elegance for your homemade bread. This set features a foldable bread slicer and a precision serrated knife, designed to work in harmony. The adjustable thickness options ensure uniform slices every time, while the durable HDPE and maple construction promises longevity and aesthetic appeal. Enjoy stable, non-slip slicing with this sturdy set, versatile enough to handle everything from crusty sourdough to soft sandwich loaves. Elevate your bread experience with our Bread Slicing Set – where precision meets ease.
$44.99 $54.98you save $9.99

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Louise Teixeira dos SantosCustomer - Sourdough Starter Kit

This starter kit, comes complete with a sleek jar, handy thermometer strips, a convenient feeding tracker, a spatula, and a soft cloth liner, transformed my baking journey into a foolproof experience. From precise temperature control to effortless maintenance, this kit elevates every step of the sourdough process. A must-have for any aspiring bread enthusiast!

Lab LuverCustomer - Proofing Baskets Kit

I like that this kit came with everything you need. I already had a scoring knife but this one worked so much better. The bowl is smaller than expected but worked beautifully. I will be using these for a long time. Very happy with this purchase.

Mark ToneyCustomer - Maple Bamboo Bread Slicer

I make homemade bread constantly and this bread slicer is a game changer. Uniform slices all the way through. Super easy to use and set up. Easy to clean and accurate as can be. Very well made with quality materials.

RubyCustomer - Bread Knife

Love, love, love this knife! It can be used for all sorts of things in the kitchen, not just bread. However, I make a lot of homemade bread and I am thrilled of how nicely it slices it up. Great looking knife with an elegant look to it.