Essential Sourdough Starter & Baking Kit - Bread Making Simplified

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Embark on your sourdough baking adventure with ABIOTO's Essential Sourdough Starter & Baking Kit. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned bakers, this set includes a 730ml Sourdough Starter Kit, featuring a 24 oz glass jar, breathable covers, and thermometer strips for precise fermentation. Our kit stands out with two proofing baskets – a 9" round and a 10" oval – providing you with the flexibility to shape loaves to perfection. Complete with a Danish whisk and dough scrapers, this kit is designed to assist in crafting a variety of bread types. ABIOTO’s commitment to durability and convenience ensures a seamless and enjoyable baking experience. Start your journey to homemade sourdough excellence with this all-encompassing kit!

  • Comprehensive Bread Baking Kit: Includes essential sourdough starter kit, bread making tools and supplies, perfect for every sourdough baker.
  • Quality Proofing Baskets: Our sourdough proofing basket set with banneton bread proofing baskets ensures ideal sourdough loaf shaping.
  • User-Friendly Starter Jar: This sourdough bread starter kit features a 24 oz glass jar, breathable covers, and thermometer strips for optimal fermentation.
  • Versatile Bread Making Tools: Equipped with a Danish whisk, dough scrapers, and a sourdough kit, perfect for creating a variety of bread types.
  • Durable and Convenient: ABIOTO's sourdough baking kit offers longevity and ease, with bread making tools and supplies designed for the perfect bake.