Bread Slicer for Homemade Bread

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About this item

  • Compact Design: The bread slicer guide is easy to clean, folds flat for optimized storage, and unfolds just as easily
  • Even and Consistent Slices: Cut bread like a pro and impress your closed ones, no more lopsided slices
  • Slices of All Sizes: From 3/8” thin slices to 1” thick cuts, our bamboo bread slicer handles it all
  • Less Splinters: Food safe HDPE base and hard maple wood fingers endure cuts much longer and won't dull your knife
  • Thinner Knife Grooves: Carefully designed to keep the knife in a straight line and prevent wood shavings
  • Easy Slicing: The guide lock prevents the guides from falling and allows you to focus on handling bread
  • Slice with Confidence: The non-slip pads at the bottom of the bread loaf slicer keep it stable when slicing
  • Two Stop Boards Included: Stop boards keep the bread or bagel in place to make slicing easy.
  • Measure Your Knife: For effortless slicing, use ABIOTO bread knife or ensure your knife blade length is 9"
  • This sourdough bread slicer is an essential tool for every home baker, it even makes a great gift! Full refund or replacement for items damaged in transit.