Essential Sourdough Starter & Baking Kit - Perfect for Beginners

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Discover the art of sourdough bread making with ABIOTO's Complete Sourdough Bread Making Kit. Tailored for both novice and experienced bakers, this kit encompasses all the essentials. It includes a 730ml Sourdough Starter Kit, equipped with a 24 oz glass jar, breathable covers, and thermometer strips to ensure your starter thrives. Our premium round banneton proofing basket is designed to give your sourdough loaves the perfect shape and texture. Along with a bread lame, scrapers, and a Danish whisk, ABIOTO’s kit combines durability and convenience, offering you the ultimate tools for perfect sourdough baking. Embrace the satisfaction of homemade sourdough with our all-in-one kit!

  • Comprehensive Bread Baking Kit: Includes essential sourdough starter kit, bread making tools and supplies, perfect for every sourdough baker.
  • Quality Proofing Baskets: Our sourdough proofing basket set with banneton bread proofing baskets ensures ideal sourdough loaf shaping.
  • User-Friendly Starter Jar: This sourdough bread starter kit features a 24 oz glass jar, breathable covers, and thermometer strips for optimal fermentation.
  • Durable and Convenient: ABIOTO's sourdough baking kit offers longevity and ease, with bread making tools and supplies designed for the perfect bake.