Premium Sourdough Baking Essentials Kit - For Every Bread Lover

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Elevate your bread-making skills with ABIOTO's Premium Sourdough Baking Essentials Kit, a must-have for any bread enthusiast. This kit includes a 730ml Sourdough Starter Kit, complete with a 24 oz glass jar, breathable covers, and thermometer strips to ensure your starter is perfectly fermented. Unique to this set are our two proofing baskets, one 11" oval and one 10" round, making it ideal for shaping a variety of sourdough loaves. The kit also features a Danish whisk, dough scrapers, and more, offering versatility in creating different types of bread. Crafted for durability and convenience, ABIOTO’s kit is the ultimate tool for anyone passionate about baking sourdough bread at home. Start your journey to artisan bread-making excellence today!

  • Comprehensive Bread Baking Kit: Includes essential sourdough starter kit, bread making tools and supplies, perfect for every sourdough baker.
  • Quality Proofing Baskets: Our sourdough proofing basket set with banneton bread proofing baskets ensures ideal sourdough loaf shaping.
  • User-Friendly Starter Jar: This sourdough bread starter kit features a 24 oz glass jar, breathable covers, and thermometer strips for optimal fermentation.
  • Versatile Bread Making Tools: Equipped with a Danish whisk, dough scrapers, and a sourdough kit, perfect for creating a variety of bread types.
  • Durable and Convenient: ABIOTO's sourdough baking kit offers longevity and ease, with bread making tools and supplies designed for the perfect bake.